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More Examples of the Impersonale

We have talked about the impersonal form of verbs in previous lessons. There's a great example in Marika's video about the entrance to her apartment. Note that she uses the plural form of the verb because the objects, giacchegiubbotticappotti (jackets, windbreakers, coats) are plural. 


E quindi si usano giacche, giubbotti, cappotti.

And so we use jackets, windbreakers, coats.

Ma dove si mettono, una volta che si tolgono?

But where do we put them once we take them off?

Captions 49-50, Marika spiega - L'ingresso di casa

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Review the impersonale here.


Another instance of the impersonale can be found in a video interview with Monica Bellucci. She's talking about the huge blow-ups of some of her photos.


Ah, questa era, l'ho fatta in America, ero giovanissima, si vede.

Ah, this one was, I did it in America, I was very young, you can tell.

Caption 35, Che tempo che fa - Monica Bellucci

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