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2 Very Different Meanings of the Verb Investire

The verb investire has a cognate in English: "to invest." So if you are buying a house,stai investendo i tuoi soldi (you are investing your money).

E lui è così ricco, che pare che abbia investito i guadagni in lingotti d'oro.

And he is so rich that they say he invested his earnings in gold ingots.

Caption 21, La Ladra - Ep. 3 - L'oro dello squalo - Part 2

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But there is another meaning of investire that is less easy to guess at: "to hit" (as in getting hit by a car), "to knock down," "to run over".

Però andiamo dove non puoi investire nessuno.

But let's go where you can't run anyone over.

Caption 47, La Ladra - Ep. 3 - L'oro dello squalo - Part 7

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This is also the meaning in Yabla's most recent video about Firenze, where the camera operator finds herself in danger of being investita (run over). Even pedestrian areas like the Ponte Vecchio require staying alert for stray taxis or delivery trucks.

Non preoccupatevi, la nostra cameraman non è stata investita dalla macchina.

Don't worry, our cameraman wasn't hit by the car.

Caption 46, In giro per l'Italia - Firenze - Part 5

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